Sunday, February 27, 2011


so we did over 10k {like 11} in just under two hours.  not too bad overall.  but it was COLD.  there was a lovely wind chill this morning and the first half was face to the wind.  the second half was really quite comfortable with the wind at our backs.  but even 10k is hard when you haven't trained for it.  and harder yet was sludging through the freshly fallen slow.  when I consider all of it, I'm happy with my time.  our half of a half!  and now that I've thawed, I am going to spend my afternoon sitting on the couch, eating nachos and catching up on last weeks tv!  because later this afternoon it's off to the community centre to do soccer registration!  good times!

what does your sunday look like today?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

take a minute

so today was some fun times {and no, I'm not being sarcastic}.  I decided this week that I wanted to give weight watchers another go.  a for-real, serious, one-year-committment kind of go.  this morning, the boys and I braved the snow and showed up.  and it's probably a good thing that the whole program has changed, because I can't just wing it.  I need to be in whole heartedly.  the piece of the puzzle that I am always missing is the accountability piece - getting on the scale in front of someone and just owning my stuff.  the other part is the rah-rah part of the meetings.  I feel motivated when I hear people share their stories.  one girl today was over 50lbs down.  that's encouraging.  I need the meetings.  knowing this was my plan, I looked at everything with clean eating in mind.  I can follow the premises of the eat clean diet with the things that I need - tracking, accountability and motivation.

after weight watchers we went and did some errands - chapters, red robins, gas station, and the drugstore!  we were killing time before the birthday party that the boys had this afternoon.  I like that I know their friends and the parents of their friends well enough so I can drop my kids and spend two hours doing stuff without them!

and that takes me to the next big thing...I picked up my race package.  yes, you heard me right.  I am suppose to be walking a half marathon tomorrow morning in this nasty weather.  grrr.  today was snowy and cold.  tomorrow is suppose to just be cold.  like -22 {damn wind chill}.  anyways, lisa and I are not taking this walk too seriously, considering my training has been slim to none.  and more like none.  so I'd like to complete 10k.  and then register for a few more 10k races this spring.  so we'll see how it goes!

and john just walked in the door after a 12 hr shift.  and I am contemplating going to bed.  big ol' headache.  ha!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

family affair

this just doesn't do these poor pages any justice!  they are WAY more vibrant in real life {and less blurry too!!}; however, this was club this month.  I used the SU! colour coach and used the in colours with their "dynamic duo" to create this colour challenge.  basically the girls got their two colours and they could use any neutral that they wanted.  these are my samples!

 {pear pizzaz & garden green}

 {poppy parade & tangerine tango}

{totally nothing really like the original blushing bride & regal rose}

there was also a concord crush & perfect plum as well as cajan craze with peach parfait.  it was a great way to use the new button stamps from the mini with the little embossing thingy that coordinates and challenge ourselves to use some new colours with a tried and true layout!!!  {oh, and that's a kraft/crumble something or other background that everyone used!}

I love my club!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I played with my new iPhone camera app - camera+  although the 6x zoom is not spectacular {super grainy!}, the editing features are SUPER cool.  I tried a ton today while ty and I were having coffee together.  so many options - special effects, retro effects, cropping, light, boarder and colour features.  for $.99 it's the best camera option I've bought since the hipstimatic.

 {my bedside table}

 {I cropped out some accidental cleavage!!}

 {the vintage boarder, perhaps?  I don't remember!}

 {my water bottle}

 {enjoying his rice krispy treat}

 {and hot chocolate...}

 {I love that face!}

 {his hot chocolate}

{love the look he's giving me!!}

what do you think?  I have no idea what combinations I used, but I sure had fun playing with the pictures!  and even more fun going for coffee/hot chocolate with the big t!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

number with no name

I need me some ben harper.  if I wasn't sitting here in silence, waiting for small children to fall asleep {don't get me started!}, I'd be playin' me some ben.  or newer yet, some fistful of mercy.  where are my earphones!!!!  alas, not here.  and I don't really want to move!

it was a lazy, lazy day.  I had some lunch with my mom & sister, then ran some errands, but other than that we just hung out and got a bunch of stuff deleted off of the pvr.  for some reason, john starts to have a little panic when it goes over 50%.  okay, I can't blame him.  it's usually a matter of just catching up.  and what better time to do that than today.  the day I should have been working on report cards.  yep.  it's that time of year again.  and once again I have procrastinated.  shocking, I know.

don't you love it when I don't have anything to blog about?  no really.  my head is full of so much other stuff that I can't seem to get anything meaningful or coherent out of my mouth {or fingers}.  I did get a new photo app for my phone today.  I'll play with it tomorrow and let you know all the deets.  and I'll post some pics.  maybe we'll call it an app review.  aha!  {'cause no, I don't have a book to review for february yet...and focus - by mike schmoker and my next read - isn't going to cause any of you to rush to the education reform section of your local bookstores.}  gonna stop.  I'm not making sense anymore!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011


I had this big, elaborate post in mind as I was soaking in the bathtub an hour ago.  got out of the bath and promptly forgot.  typical.  but hey, I was able to take a few minutes with some bubbles, my iPod and some candles and just block out the world for a bit.  and I don't bath.  oh, don't go there.  I am a shower girl, not a bath girl.  just can't shower in the dark with a candle and my iPhone/earphones.  I needed to tune out.  and I did.  I kinda realized today that report cards are due next week.  oh, that's right.  I'm the damn principal next week so mine had better be done sooner than later.  SHEESH.  next week is going to be a gong show of crazy.  I am gearing up.

okay, still can't remember.  so instead of fretting about it, I'm going to just sign off and go to bed.  good night!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am reminded of the words from an old, old gospel hymn, "Precious Lord, Take My Hand", as I sit here today in utter exhaustion.  I didn't sleep enough last night.  the house was creaking, the cold had set in.  my mind was racing into unimaginable places.  my heart was restless and lonely.  I miss my husband.  I miss him being home at night.  being the safe place.  I know that this is just me getting used to this new routine, this new schedule, but last night was tough.  the kids are adapting a bit better than I am.  I think.  by the time they're in bed, I am alone with my thoughts and the tv.  no one to tell me I look tired and should pack it in.  no one to share a snack with.  no one to re-tuck in the one who rolls out of his bed.  tired.  and no, do not take this for complaining.  I am very grateful for this job.  I just had a rough night.

precious lord, take my hand // lead me on, let me stand // I am tired, I am weak, I'm worn // through the storm, through the night // lead me on to the light // take my hand, precious lord, lead me home

{see the bags under my eyes...and the HUGE zit by my eye...EEEEKKKK!}

in other news, glee was decent last night.  honestly, I've been a bit disappointed with season 2.  not so fresh.  a little forced.  but the last two episodes that I watched were a little more in line with what I expect glee to be.  about the music.  and I was VERY impressed that they did my chemical romance's "sing".  a great song.  totally didn't understand the lumberjack outfits, but the song was good.  rachel & mercedes also did a song from rent.  my all time favorite musical.  FOR. REAL.  so this is me NOT complaining about february sweeps month.  speaking of tv, have you checked out chicago code?  I've seen two episodes and I'm hooked.  they'd better keep it on for a while...bad things happen to all good tv shows!!  don't get me started on the demise of the best show ever to see the inside of my living room - friday night lights.  okay.  I'm rambling.  I'll stop now.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

the suburbs

well, it's the first night on nights.  and I think that I need to work on getting the kids to bed a bit earlier.  I really don't want them in bed with me tonight!  and it's my fault, really, for making them watch the grammys with me tonight.  and they have a thing about being upstairs without an adult, which is going to have to change, considering there are lunches that need to be made and dishes that need to be cleaned up on a nightly basis.

oh, and I made some valentines things for the kids today - these are all for the kids in their classes...

 {I love the red glitter paper!}

 {and these are treat bags I made for all the boys...}

{ty...and monkey}

ty had a hard time sleeping last night, so he was downstairs with me on the couch and he thought this picture was super hilarious.  I had to agree.  

I am watching muse play "uprising" for the second time tonight.  had to explain to ty why matt bellamy plays a double necked guitar and why the bass was without a head.  good times.  sigh.  and tomorrow is pajama day at school.  yippie!  I get to go to school in my pj's!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

happiest times

I have issues.  okay, I'll tell you something you don't know!  {I'm still thinking...}

I read this today and was thinking that I need to take a "cup half full" approach to my life.  I do most of the time, but lately I've been in a fog.  a big, nasty, hormonal fog.  I went and saw my doctor today and she's switching stuff up.  decreasing the fog.  this is good.  there is a lot happening in my head lately and I haven't felt wordy enough to talk about it, but I feel like I'm in a place of great pause.  a time where I am being required just to stop doing and just be.  a place of grace.  I chose a piece of scripture to go along with the word I chose for 2011 and I feel that I am being reminded to just rest.

"are you tired?  worn out?  burned out on religion?  come to me.  get away with me and you'll recover your life.  I'll show you how to take a real rest.  walk with me and work with me - watch how I do it.  learn the unforced rhythms of grace.  I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you.  keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly."  {matthew 11:28-30}

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


not liking this much.  I know I'll get over myself sooner than later, I am just not loving the almost two hours I'm spending on the road everyday.  75 minutes this morning.  I know it's only four days this week, but HOLY ADJUSTMENT, BATMAN!!!  I know I won't be complaining as loudly once we see a paycheque, but please, give me one more day to complain.  then I'll stop.  I promise.  and to deal with the crazy, I bought and ate a big mac.  and sadly, I didn't even like it.  okay, I liked it just a tiny little bit!!  my stomach will pay me back tonight.  it does not like it when I eat the cow.  

enough complaining.  gonna throw a load of laundry in...I'll feel so much more productive!!

how's your week been?

Sunday, February 06, 2011

stand tall

made some cards today.  okay, well I made all the flowers last week, but I knew they needed some tweaking so I tweaked away and kinda like the outcome!  {all supplies and images are stampin' up!}

 {cute crinkly flowers on pear pizzaz paper and some double sided paper - it's black and vanilla - totally can't remember the name!!}

{I think this is pretty in pink on pear pizzaz...the centre of the flower looks like it's pink on black, but it's really garden green in there!}

 {cherry cobbler, rose red, garden green, vanilla & black - the brad in the middle of the flower is OLD...last year's valentines day stuff...I think!}

 {vanilla card base, rose red, cherry cobbler, garden green, an eiffel happy with this one!}

{the whole lot of them!  I love these colours together!}

{cherry cobbler, pretty in pink, rose red, garden green and some more of that lovely double sided paper.  I am really enjoying this spring look!}

just glad to have made it down into the basement today.  my flowers were not looking the way I needed them to, so a few buttons later and I was pretty happy with the outcome.  and I'm feeling like I'm kinda on the ball - laundry is done, lunches are made, supper was actually heathy {bbq chicken & caesar salad on whole wheat pitas} and I could happily get the boys into pyjamas and off to bed!  there has been more playing today than fighting and this is a good thing!  apparently there's some big football game on tv right now and they want to watch it.  shocking!  I was cheering for green bay, but I think that mike tomlin {the coach of the steelers} is kind of cute, so I'm just cheering for everyone!!  

Saturday, February 05, 2011

time warp

it's been a lovely saturday.  in fact, I'd say that the last 24 hours has been quite lovely, considering the chaos that is going to strike on monday morning!

1.  hair cut & coloured [last night]
2.  a stop at the mall
3.  home to a quiet house
4.  tv, wine & nachos with the hottie husband
5.  sleep
6.  sleep with no small children at any time in the night
7.  sleeping in
8.  breakfast & coffee
9.  hot shower
10.  back to the mall to return last night's purchase
11.  late lunch with a friend
12.  a stop for bread and lego [haven't seen the kids since thursday night, thought I may come home with a wee treat]
13.  the hottie husband said that I could stop at starbucks before going home to the small children.  I just need to bring home a hot chocolate.

sometimes I need to carve out some time for myself - or with just john and I - so that I can rejuvenate my spirit and reclaim the energy needed to be a better mom.  I struggle with feeling a bit guilty that I am choosing me over my kids [okay, I'm not really, but you know what I mean], but I know that when john starts work on monday morning that those four days of a twelve hour shift are going to be a bit hellish.  I will need to be on my game.  refreshed.  and the gift of the last 24 hours of alone time are going to be what gets me through.  and I'm grateful for all of it.  the impending chaos.  and the current silence.